Yomo and Maulkie

Yomo & Maulkie were a hardcore rap duo, associated with the members of N.W.A.

While they were affiliated with N.W.A., Yomo & Maulkie were not a gangsta rap group; their lyrics hewed more toward Public Enemy‘s. They came out of L.A., where they signed with Ruthless Records, the label owned by Eazy-E. In 1991, Eazy-E served as executive producer for their 1991 full-length (and only) album Are U Xperienced?, distributed by Atlantic Records. Maulkie later joined Ice Cube‘s Da Lench Mob

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Are U Xperienced? (1991)

Are U Xperienced

01. Doors
02. Glory
03. Watch Out Black Folks
04. Mockingbird
05. For the Love of Money
06. “A” Train
07. Soul Psychedelic Side
08. When Your Back’s Turned
09. Mama Don’t
10. Brain Child
11. Society’s Relentless
12. Daddy Rich
13. Are U Xperienced?
14. For the Love of Money (Instrumental)