Tucka Da Huntaman

Tucka Da Huntaman was an underground MC from Brooklyn, NYC, who released only one single in 1995, “Da Hunt Is On bw Watch Your Back” on Profile Records.

He had begun to make a name for himself during radio freestyles, and appeared on a few songs before his single. His raspy voice was distinctive except for another more popular MC at the time, Nine. Nine was also signed to Profile, so the label decided that “the town wasn’t big enough for the two of them.” Tucka never signed a full album deal with Profile, and was never heard from again…

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Da Hunt Is On / Watch Your Back (VLS) (1995)

Da Hunt Is On

A1. Da Hunt Is On (Radio Version)
A2. Da Hunt Is On (Original Version)
A3. Da Hunt Is On (Instrumental)
B1. Watch Your Back (Radio Version)
B2. Watch Your Back (Instrumental Version)
B3. Da Hunt Is On (Acappella Version)