Da Lench Mob

Da Lench Mob was a West Coast hip hop group associated with Ice Cube. The group consisted of rappers Shorty, T-Bone, Maulkie and J-Dee…

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Guerillas in tha Mist (1992)

Guerillas In Tha Mist

01. Capital Punishment in America
02. Buck Tha Devil
03. Lost in Tha System
04. You and Your Heroes
05. All on My Nut Sac
06. Guerillas in Tha Mist
07. Lenchmob Also in Tha Group
08. Ain’t Got No Class
09. Freedom Got an A.K.
10. Ankle Blues
11. Who Ya Gonna Shoot Wit That
12. Lord Have Mercy
13. Inside Tha Head of a Black Man

Planet of Da Apes (1994)

Planet Of Tha Apes

01. Scared Lil’ Nigga
02. Chocolate City
03. Cut Throats
04. King of the Jungle
05. Who Is It? [Insert]
06. Planet of da Apes
07. Goin’ Bananas
08. Mellow Madness
09. Environmental Terrorist
10. Set the Shit Straight
11. Trapped
12. Final Call