Al’ Tariq

Al’ Tariq is a rapper earlier known as Kool Ass Fashion (Fashion) when he teamed up with The Beatnuts crew. He was a collab of their Intoxicated Demons EP, published in 1993.

He decided to change his name to Al Tariq after converting to Islam, and went on a solo career…

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God Connections (1996)

God Connections

01. Intro
02. Crime Pays
03. Think Not
04. Interlude
05. Do Yo Thang
06. Foxxy Brown
07. No Question
08. Interlude
09. All Over the Track
10. Get Down Baby
11. Peace Akki
12. Just a Lil Joint
13. Everybody’s Talkin’
14. Spectacular
15. Interlude
16. Sexy LA
17. God’s Connect