2nd II None

2nd II None is a rap group from Compton, California. It consist of cousins KK and Gangsta D.

Before becoming rappers, the two musicians were members of the Elm Street compton Pirus. Their career started in 1987, when they were signed to Profile Records along with DJ Quik, after the release of The Red Tape…

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2nd II None (1991)

2nd II None

01. Intro
02. More Than A Player
03. If You Want It
04. Be True To Yourself
05. Let The Rhythm Take You
06. Comin’ Like This
07. Underground Terror
08. Just Ain’t Me
09. The Life Of A Player
10. Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong
11. What Goes Up
12. Mystic
13. Punk Mutha Fuckaz
14. Niggaz Trippin’

The Shit (1994) [Unreleased]

The Shit

01. Into
02. Getcha Clown On
03. The Dogg N’ Me
04. The Message
05. I Can Tell (The Nasty Song)
06. Nuthin’ Has Changed
07. Let’s Get Higher
08. Kant Wait To Do This
09. Tha Shit
10. Get Ya Hot
11. Funny How Things Change
12. B Alright
13. If U Ain’t Fuck’n (How U Gonna Get Home)
14. Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
15. Funny How Things Change (Remix)
16. Theo Commerial

Classic 220 (1999)

Classic 220

01. Stragglaz
02. Up ‘N Da Club
03. Don’t U Hide It
04. Whateva U Want
05. Make ‘Em Understand
06. Pawdy
07. Back Up Off The Wall
08. Y?
09. If U Ain’t F#!*@in’
10. Don’t Do Dat
11. Princess
12. Love U
13. Got A Nu Woman