The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts are a New York-based hip hop group and production duo from Queens, New York City. Its current members are JuJu and Psycho Les. JuJu is a Dominican from Corona and Psycho Les is a Colombian from Jackson Heights.

The Beatnuts are the only Latino members of the Native Tongues Family. Although only peripheral members, they are routinely acknowledged by Q-Tip, who has shouted them out at least twice on record (once in 1991 and once in 1996). The Beatnuts were originally a trio before Kool Fashion, now known as Al Tariq, left the group to start a solo career…

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Intoxicated Demons: The EP (1993)

Intoxicated Demons

01. World’s Famous Intro
02. World’s Famous
03. Engineer Talking
04. Psycho Dwarf
05. On The 1+2
06. No Equal
07. Reign Of The Tec
08. Quality & The Bushmen Off The Top
09. Third Of The Trio
10. Phone Call
11. Story

Street Level (1994)

Street Level

01. Intro
02. Ya Don’t Stop
03. Props Over Here
04. Hellraiser
05. Are You Ready
06. Superbad
07. Straight Jacket
08. Let Off A Couple
09. Rik’s Joint
10. Fried Chicken
11. Yeah You Get Props
12. Get Funky
13. Hit Me With That
14. 2-3 Break
15. Lick The P*ssy
16. Sandwiches
17. Psycho Dwarf

Stone Crazy (1997)

Stone Crazy

01. World Famous
02. Bless The M.I.C.
03. Intermission
04. Here’s A Drink
05. Off The Books
06. Be Proud/Interlude
07. Do You Believe?
08. Finger Smoke
09. Stone Crazy
10. N*ggaz Know
11. Horny Horns
12. Find That
13. Supa Supreme
14. Thinkin ‘Bout Cash
15. Uncivilized
16. Give Me Tha Ass
17. Strokes

A Musical Massacre (1999)

Musical Massacre

01. Intro
02. Beatnuts Forever
03. Mucha Cha Cha (featuring Willie Stubz & Swinger)
04. I Love It (featuring Cheryl Pepsi Riley)
05. Slam Pit (featuring Cuban Link & Common)
06. Wild Wild What
07. Look Around (featuring Dead Prez)
08. Coco Taso (featuring Tony Touch)
09. Monster For Music
10. Donnie Spells the Beatnuts
11. Puffin On A Cloud
12. Turn It Out (featuring Greg Nice)
13. Rated R
14. You Know Who You F*ckin’ With
15. Story 2000
16. Watch Out Now
17. You’re a Clown (featuring Biz Markie)
18. Buddah In The Air (featuring Carl Thomas)
19. Se Acabo (featuring Magic Juan of Projecto Uno)

Take It Or Squeeze It (2001)

Take It Or Squeeze It

01. Intro
02. It’s Da Nuts (feat. Al Tariq)
03. Prendelo (Light It Up) (feat. Tony Touch)
04. Contact (feat. Marly Metal)
05. Yo Yo Yo (feat. Greg Nice)
06. If It Ain’t Gangsta (feat. Sean Black Attack)
07. No Escapin’ This
08. Whose Comin Wit Da Sh*t Na (feat. Willie Stubz)
09. Let’s Git Doe (feat. Fatman Scoop)
10. Hood Thang (feat. Miss Loca)
11. Hammer Time (feat. Al Tariq, Problemz, Marly Metal, and Moonshine)
12. U Don’t Want It (with Triple Seis)
13. Mayonnaise
14. Se Acabo remix (feat. Method Man)

The Originators (2002)


01. Intro
02. Bring The Funk Back
03. Yae Yo
04. Drunk Skit
05. Buying Out The Bar
06. Work That Pole
07. Originate
08. My Music
09. U Crazy
10. Ya Betta Believe It
11. Routine
12. Bionic
13. Becks ‘N Branson
14. Back 2 Back

Milk Me (2004)

Milk Me

01. Intro
02. Hot
03. Buggin
04. It’s Nothing
05. Rock N Roll Interlude
06. Find Us(In The Back Of The Club)
07. U Nomsayin
08. We Don’t Give A Funk
09. Confused Rappers
10. All Night
11. Madness
12. We Getting Paper
13. Marching Band Interlude
14. Uh Huh
15. Down
16. Take Off Your Pants Interlude
17. Freak Off
18. Milk Me Interlude