The UMC’s

The UMC’s was comprised of Hass G and Kool Kim, who released the critically acclaimed, full-length album Fruits of Nature in 1991, which garnered chart success with the duo’s #1 Billboard Hot Rap Single “Blue Cheese” and #2 Hot Rap Single “One To Grow On”.

In 1994, the duo released its sophomore album, Unleashed but split up soon after…

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Fruits of Nature (1991)

Fruits Of Nature

01. One to Grow On
02. Kraftworks
03. Morals
04. Blue Cheese
05. Swing It to the Area
06. Never Never Land
07. You Got My Back
08. Jive Talk
09. Feelings
10. Any Way the Wind Blows
11. Pass It On
12. Woman Be Out
13. Hey Here We Go
14. It’s Gonna Last