Three Times Dope

Three Times Dope is a hip hop trio from Philadelphia consisting of EST (Robert Waller), Chuck Nice (Walter Griggs) and Woody Wood (Duerwood Beale).

Their debut LP, Original Stylin was well-received, though the follow-up was a comparative failure (Live from Acknikulous Land, 1990)…

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Original Stylin’ (1989)

Orginal Stylin

01. Greatest Man Alive
02. Original Stylin’
03. Funky Dividends
04. Improvin da Groovin
05. Increase the Peace/What’s Going On
06. From da Giddy Up
07. Once More (You Hear the Dope Stuff)
08. Believe Dat
09. Straight Up
10. Who Is This?
11. Crushin n’ Bussin
12. Joe Familiar

Live From Acknickulous Land (1990)

Live From Acknickulous Land

01. Return Home (Intro Mission)
02. Mr. Sandman
03. Mellow But Smooth
04. Weak at the Knees
05. No Words
06. Make Ya $
07. In Effect
08. 10 Lil’ Sucka Emceez
09. Make Dat Move
10. I Ain’t Trying 2 Hear It
11. (Peace) Ya’ Self
12. I Got It
13. Do U Wanna C It
14. Live!!! From Acknickulous Land

3 X Dope – The Sequel 3 (1998)

The Sequel

01. Hell Yeah It’s On
02. Off da Head
03. Gimme Dat Beat
04. Answering Service
05. I Got da Cash
06. Free Style Mania
07. Est Anthem
08. Da Sequel
09. Kick Dat Style
10. Sadly Missed (Intro, Tribute)
11. Sadly Missed
12. Tryin See You
13. Reel Skillz