Scientifik was an MC from Boston, Massachusetts. He died in 1996 in a double homicide case that remains largely unsolved to this day…

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The Most Blunted (1992)

Most Blunted

01. I Used To Know Ya
02. Bitch I Don’t Need Ya
03. Slicka Picka Upper
04. I’m Taking Your Girl
05. It’s Murda Son
06. I Ain’t The Damn One
07. The Most Blunted
08. Hardcore Love
09. It’s On
10. Disco Tech

Criminal (1994)


01. Lawtown
02. I Got Planz (Featuring Diamond D)
03. Jungles of Da East
04. Overnite Gangsta
05. Yeah Daddy
06. Still an Herb Dealer
07. As Long As You Know (Featuring Edo. G)
08. Fallen Star
09. Downlo Ho
10. Criminal