The Backyard Rangers

The Backyard Rangers are a Latino-American Hip Hop band from Oxnard, California made of A-Wall and Simon Sez. The band are best known for Simon Sez’s high pitched rapping style.

They released one album ‘Head For The Hills!!!‘ in 1994 before been dropped and re-emerging as The Earthquake Institute in the 00’s.

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Head for the Hills!!! (1994)

Head For The Hills

01. Eatin’ up Mcees
02. Ready on the Set
03. On a Friday
04. Head for the Hills
05. Smiles Never Come My Way
06. What’s It Gonna Be
07. Sonuvagun
08. Freaky Flow
09. Easy Rider
10. Slingshot
11. 25 & Above
12. Just 2
13. Wild West