Rodney O & Joe Cooley

Rodney O & Joe Cooley are west coast rap pioneers from Riverside, California, best know for tracks such as “Everlasting Bass” and “This is for the Homies”. “Everlasting Bass” also proved an influence for Miami Bass; Latin rappers Jonny Z and SPM did their own version of it, called “Puro Latin Bass”.

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Me And Joe (1989)

Me and Joe

01. We’ve Arrived (Oh! But Yes)
02. This Is for the Homies
03. Me and Joe
04. Let’s Have Some Fun
05. Supercuts
06. Give Me the Mic
07. It’s My Rope
08. Cooley High
09. Nobody Disses Me
10. Everlasting Bass
11. Bonus Beats

Three the Hard Way (1990)

3 The Hard Way

01. Once Again
02. When The Beats Come In
03. Say It Loud
04. When He Plays
05. Party
06. Can U Back It Up
07. We’re Gonna Kick It Once
08. Three The Hard Way
09. Hocus Pocus
10. Beat Blaster
11. Fun Fun Fun
12. Dj’s & Mc’s Part II
13. Down Goes Another
14. See Ya

Get Ready to Roll (1991)

Get Ready to Roll

01. Hit List
02. Get Ready to Roll
03. You Don’t Wanna Run Up
04. Oldie But Goodie
05. Nutty Block
06. Fo Funky Stories
07. Let’s Do It Like This
08. Miss Crenshaw
09. Dose of Dope
10. My Hood
11. D.J. Nightmare
12. Roll Call (Hip Hop Mafia)

F__k New York (1992)

Fuck New York

01. Y.F.N.Y.
02. U Don’t Hear Me Tho’
03. Why Must I Be Like That
04. What Really Goes On
05. Chase the Bass
06. The Jammy
07. Back in a Minute
08. Sounds of the Underground
09. Humps for the Blvd.
10. California Cruiser – Rodney O, Psycho
11. Wake Up New York – Rodney O, Psycho
12. Somethin’ Funky 4 U
13. U Don’t Hear Me Tho’