The Nonce

The Nonce was a hip-hop duo from Los Angeles, California, that was active in the 1990s (releasing material from 1992 to 1999).

As part of the Project Blowed collective, working with Aceyalone, among others, the duo developed a reputation for smooth, jazzy, classy production, complimented by laid-back, smart rhymes (paying homage to the Old School emcees they grew up off of in the mid-1980s)…

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World Ultimate (1995)

World Ultimate

01. On The Air
02. Keep It On
03. Bus Stops
04. The West Is…
05. Mix Tapes
06. Testing
07. World Ultimate
08. Good To Go
09. On The Road Again
10. Hoods Like To Play
11. J To The I
12. Eighty Five
13. Mix Tapes (1926 Sunday Night Remix)

The Sight of Things (1998)

Sight Of Things

01. Live & Direct
02. The Greatest MC’s
03. Turnin’ It Out
04. The Sight Of Things
05. Checkbook
06. Who Falls Apart?
07. Articulate With Math