Originally from Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Miilkbone first came on the scene in 1995, releasing his debut album “Da’ Miilkrate”. Although the album included many good tracks, including the hit singles “Where’z Da’ Party At?” and “Keep It Real” it’s success was limited…

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Da’ Miilkrate (1995)

Da Miilkrate

01. No Gimmicks
02. Ghettobiz
03. Keep It Real
04. Mindgamez
05. Traffic Jam
06. Move Wit’ Da’ Groove
07. How Ya Like It?
08. Freestyle
09. Set It Off
10. Where’z Da’ Party At?
11. Murder Verbs
12. Fast Cash
13. Kids on the Ave
14. Check Me Out
15. Bamma Fam
16. Ketchrek
17. It Ain’t the Same
18. 2 All Y’all