Mic Geronimo

Mic Geronimo (born in Queens, New York) is a rapper of African American descent who was acquainted with Irv Gotti of Murder Inc.

Irv and his brother met Mic Geronimo at a Queens high school talent show, and Mic agreed to record a single (“Shit’s Real,” which would become a classic underground hit). Mic Geronimo landed a deal with Blunt/TVT Records and debuted with the 1995 LP The Natural…

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The Natural (1995)


01. The Natural
02. Lifecheck
03. Wherever You Are
04. Masta I.C.
05. Man Of My Own
06. Time To Build
07. Shit’s Real
08. Three Stories High
09. Sharane
10. Men v. Many with O.C. and Royal Flush
11. Train Of Thought
12. Things Change
13. Masta I.C. (Remix) With the Lost Boyz

Vendetta (1997)


01. Nothin Move But The Money
02. Vendetta
03. Survival
04. Life N Lessons
05. For Tha Family
06. Street Life
07. Be Like Mic
08. Unstoppable
09. Single Life
10. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
11. How You Been?
12. Usual Suspects