Mystidious Misfitss

Mystidious Misfitss is a hip hop group from Brooklyn, New York. The members, Rubber Band, Peek A Boo and Mush Mouth (Marquest), are great dancers as well and known for their collaboratin with artists such as EPMD, Little Shawn, Salt n Pepa, and Mariah Carey. As well as Mop Tops, they influenced many dancers in Japan…

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A Who Dat? (1995)

A Who Dat

01. I Be (Interlude)
02. I Be
03. Trix of a Misfit
04. M.I. Crooked Letter
05. Streets, Avenues & Boulevards
06. A Touch of Mush (Interlude)
07. Upside Down
08. Difficult Reality (Interlude)
09. Son Of Sam
10. Misfit Love
11. Who Dat (Interlude)
12. Nu Sounds
13. Tuning (Interlude)
14. Gimme The Boom
15. Hard Rock
16. What’s The Password (Interlude)
17. Ooo Wee!
18. I Be (Buckwild Remix)
19. Open Your Eyes (Interlude)
20. Red Light
21. Infertile Spermicide (Interlude)