Manny Phesto

Southside Looking In is Manny Phesto‘s debut full-length project. Produced entirely by Mike the Martyr, the project features his signature soul sample driven production – a few of Martyr’s production credits include AG, Sadat X, and Slug of Atmosphere. Guest features include Akrite, Metasota, Greg Grease, Axel Foley and Mike the Martyr. DJ Just Nine provides scratches on three of the fifteen tracks.

Southside Looking In (2014)

Southside Looking In

01. Reality Check
02. Cedar Ave
03. The Account ft. Mike the Martyr
04. Rooftops Interlude
05. Eternity in the Cities
06. Standards ft. Metasota
07. HI LAKE ft. Axel Foley
08. Goodnight Moon Interlude
09. Full Scope ft. Akrite
10. To the Sea
11. Rabbit Hole ft. Greg Grease
12. Fork in the Road
13. Rigamarole
14. Before the Storm
15. Outro