Spok Beats

Spok Beats is a Music Producer/Engineer born in the San Gabriel Valley, CA.

In 2004 Spok produced his first album titled “Insomniacs”, which evidently would end up being the beginning of a musical path with no boundaries. In a time span of over nine years Spok has produced over ten albums, with many songs ranging from reggae & hip-hop, to spanish rock & funk.

Working in the studio with other artists is what continues to keep Spok inspired to create songs, but after being influenced by instrumental albums from producers such as Pete Rock, Dibiase, Exile, Apollo Brown & Brock Berrigan, Spok was inspired to dive head first into his debut instrumental album “Lions9”.

Lions 9 (2014)

Lions 9

01. Personal Matters
02. After Death
03. Galactic Showdown
04. Warped Speed
05. Lions 9
06. Vulcans Dance
07. Get Paypuh
08. Chamber Music
09. Vapors
10. Cruise Control
11. Green Finguhz
12. Redeem Yourself
13. Bizzness Peeple
14. SPSX
15. Rap Sheet
16. Assasins Travel