Maestro Fresh-Wes

Maestro is the stage name of Wesley Williams (born 1968 in Toronto, Ontario), a Canadian hip hop artist and actor.

His pioneering status and outstanding achievements have led to him being referred to as the “Godfather of Canadian hip hop”. Originally known as Melody MC, he changed his moniker to Maestro Fresh Wes by 1989. This was shortened to just “Maestro” in the late 1990s…

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Symphony in Effect (1989)

Symphony In Effect

01. Drop the Needle
02. Untouchable
03. The Mic’s My Piece
04. LTD’s on the Wheel(s) of Fortune w/ Farley Flex
05. I’m Showin’ You
06. Let Your Backbone Slide (Power Mix)
07. Private Symphony w/ Corey “Koko” Whittington
08. Just Swingin’ w/ Ebony MC
09. The Maestro
10. Tear It Up
11. Fortissimo

The Black Tie Affair (1991)

Black Tie Affair

01. Hors d’Ouevres
02. On the Jazz Tip
03. Conductin’ Thangs
04. Watchin’ Zeroes Grow
05. Private Symphony
06. Poetry Is Black
07. The Black Tie Affair
08. V.I.P.’s Only
09. L.T.D. Makes a Toast
10. The Maestro Zone
11. Nothin’ at All
12. Pass the Champagne
13. An After Dinner Mint
14. Care for a Night Cap?

Maestro Zone (1992)

Maestro Zone

01. Another Funky Break (From My Pap’s Crate)
02. On The Jazz Tip
03. Conductin’ Thangs
04. Watchin’ Zeros Grow
05. Hittin’ The Girlschools
05. Private Symphony
07. The Maestro Zone
08. Ebony Mozart
09. V.I.P.’s Only
10. Poetry Is Black
11. L.T.D. Makes A Toast
12. Bring It On
13. Nothin’ At All

Naaah, Dis Kid Can’t Be From Canada?!! (1994)

Naaah Dis Kid Cant Be From Canada

01. I’m Drinkin’ Milk Now
02. Check My Vernacular
03. Pray To Da East Feat. Percee P
04. Certs Wid Out Da Retsyn
05. Mic Mechanism (prod. Showbiz)
06. Makin’ Records
07. Fine Tune Da Mic Feat. Showbiz
08. Brown Sugar
09. How Many Styles
10. “Dat’s My Nigga!!”
11. Higher Level
12. Bring It On (Remix) (prod. Showbiz)
13. Make It For The Ruff (prod. Showbiz)
14. “Dat’s My Nigga!!” (Instrumental)

Built to Last (1998)

Built to Last

01. Foundation/Intro
02. Stick to Your Vision
03. Built to Last
04. Still in da Game
05. Clap Ya Handz/Turn It Out (Pt. 1)
06. G.O.D. We Tru$T
07. Quintessential
08. The Visine
09. Hard Cranberry
10. Holy Water
11. 416/905 (T.O. Party Anthem)
12. Krazy
13. Verbal Exodus
14. Clap Ya Handz/Turn It Out (Pt. 2)
15. Trigonometry
16. We Got It Sewn
17. Make the City Stand Still