The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a London based Hip Hop group.

Trevor “The underdog” Jackson originally released their stuff through his Bite It! label until he got them signed to Virgin. One album and a heap of singles (and some success) later they had split with Jackson and put out at least one more record on Monroe records.

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XXIII (1993)


01. The Mr Men
02. Imightsmokeaspliffbutiwontsniff (barkin mad mix)
03. Return To Del Rio (freeze frame edit)
04. Imightsmokeaspliffbutiwontsniff (indica instrumental)
05. Y Girl
06. Lost Transmissions
07. Sands Of Time
08. The Lunatic Shade
09. Beats R Ruff N Rugged
10. At The Postmans Heels
11. Beats R Ruff N Rugged (instrumental)
12. Live At The Doghouse (to the world and his wife)
13. Wayz Of The Wize
14. Wayz Of The Wize (instrumental)
15. Put Up Or Shut Up
16. Put Up Or Shut Up (instrumental)
17. Hit The Funk
18. Hit The Funk (instrumental)
19. Ode To Del Rio

Elementalz (1996)


01. One 3
02. Alphabetical Response
03. Nothing In Particular
04. Mad Headz
05. On The Move
06. Goin’ Undaground
07. Punk Funk
08. You Gotta Life
09. One Shot
10. Incredible
11. Clunk Click
12. Nominate
13. Dark Stalkers
14. British Accent
15. Pride (Revisited)