Insane Poetry

Insane Poetry is an American hip hop group from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1988, Insane Poetry is considered to be one of the first horrorcore groups.

The group was formed by Cyco (né Andrew “Drew” Holiman, then known as Psycho) after he was hired as a disc jockey at a Los Angeles radio station. With members DJ Streek and Shakespear the One-Man Riot, Insane Poetry released its debut single, “Twelve Strokes Till Midnight,” in 1988…

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Grim Reality (1992)

Grim Reality

01. Welcome to the Grim Side
02. Angel of Death
03. How Ya Gonna Reason with a Psycho
04. The House That Dripped Blood
05. Choppin Up a Body
06. If Rhymes Could Kill
07. Bring Ya Daughter to the Slaughter
08. Stalkin With the Nitebreed
09. The Horror Facts
10. Grim Reality
11. Six in the Chamber
12. Till Death Do Us Part
13. One Careless Moment
14. Raise The Devil
15. Manic Depressive
16. Exit Reality Side
17. How Ya Gonna Reason With a Psycho (Psycho Mix)

Blacc Plague (1996)

Blacc Plague

01. Intro
02. Wrong Neck Of Da Woodz
03. Who Runs The Mutha Fucka
04. You Better Ask Somebody 96
05. On Deadly Ground
06. Mr. Swine
07. Niggaz Only Live To Die
08. Home Of The Body Bagz
09. Killa Instinct
10. In The Mouth Of Madness
11. 66.6 FM Radio Kill
12. Mirror Mirror
13. How The Wicked Kickit
14. Outro