L.A. duo Jekill and Jive. Jekill has released later work on Beni B’s ABB label as 13.

Hip Hop artist named Kevin Hicks also goes by 13 that had Joey Chavez hook him up with some nice beats was born in Detroit then moving to Hollywood, Los Angeles vicinity at age 5 to then eventually further his passion in music. Kev who goes by a sling of aliases, K-Hix, K-Hicks, Hollywood Kev, Jekill which is the name he went under in the mid-90s as one half of hip-hop act group Mannish which started it all and dropped their first disc ‘Audio Sedative‘…

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Audio Sedative (1995)

Audio Sedative

01. That Crazy Intro
02. Impact Of My Insanity
03. Tasha’s Room
04. Expect That (Bird Mix)
05. Innermental
06. Chain Letter
07. Swarm
08. Jive U The Mann
09. The Shit
10. If Approached
11. Mannish
12. Speaker Time
13. War
14. Expect That (B-Zar Mix)
15. Endtro