Grand Puba

Grand Puba is an underground emcee best known as a member of the group Brand Nubian.

He made his debut with the group Masters of Ceremony. Its album “Dynamite” was hailed by critics, but probably due to lack of sales, the group soon disbanded, and Puba emerged as the lead emcee of Brand Nubian. After their innovative and versatile debut album “One for All” Puba left the group after disputes with its other members and embarked on a solo career. He became a member of the group again in 1998, in time for the album “Foundation”…

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Reel to Reel (1992)

reel to reel

01. Check Tha Resume
02. 360 (What Goes Around)
03. That’s How We Move It
04. Check It Out (Featuring Mary J Blige)
05. Big Kids Don’t Play
06. Honey Don’t Front
07. Lickshot
08. Ya Know How It Goes
09. Reel To Reel
10. Soul Controller
11. Proper Education
12. Back It Up
13. Baby, What’s Your Name ?
14. 360 (What Goes Around) (SD50 Remix Version) (Bonus Track)
15. Who Makes The Loot ? (Featuring The Brand New Heavies)

2000 (1995)


01. Very Special
02. I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are)
03. A Little Of This
04. Keep On
05. Back Stabbers
06. 2000
07. Amazing
08. Don’t Waste My Time
09. Play It Cool
10. Change Gonna Come
11. Playin The Game

Understand This (2001)

understand this

01. Grand Puba
02. All Day
03. Issues
04. What U Gonna Do for Me
05. Skit 1
06. Don’t Lie to Me
07. What’s Up Wit It
08. Dreams
09. Understand This
10. Skit 5
11. Baby Mama Drama
12. Up & Down
13. What U Want
14. Keep It Movin’
15. Spazz Out 2 feat. Restless
16. How Many More

The Contemporary Classics (2009)

Contemporary Classics

01. Just Don’t Learn
02. Same Old Drama
03. Still Livin’ In The Ghetto
04. I See Dead People
05. Young Son
06. The Corner, The Streets
07. Go Hard
08. Who Wanna Be A Star? (It’s Brand Nu Baby!)
09. Good To Go
10. Wait A Minute
11. This Joint Right Here