Grand Daddy I.U.

Born in Queens and raised in Hempstead (L.I.), Grand Daddy I.U. grew up around music and was exposed to all different genres.

When Hip Hop emerged, he was automatically attracted and was a natural on the mic. Joining rhyme ciphers on the street corners, jail yards and eventually the studio – he made a demo with the encouragement of his brother, DJ Kay Cee, and got signed to Cold Chillin Records. After joining the label that introduced Juice Crew All-Stars like Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and more, I.U. made his mark as an artist and songwriter…

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Smooth Assassin (1990)

smooth assassin

01. U Is Smooth
02. Pick Up the Pace
03. Something New
04. I Kick Ass
05. Mass Destruction
06. Gals dem So Hot
07. Girl in the Mall
08. Kay Cee Is Nasty
09. Nobody Move
10. Dominos
11. Behind Bars
12. Soul Touch
13. This Is a Recording
14. Sugar Free
15. Phuck ‘Em Up U
16. Sugar Free [12″ Remix/Old School Beat]
17. Shout Outs

Lead Pipe (1994)

lead pipe

01. Represent
02. As I Flow On
03. We Got da Gats
04. I Can Do Dat
05. Don’t Stress Me
06. Real Mack
07. Boom Wha Dat
08. Blast a New Asshole
09. Slinging Bass
10. Wet ‘Em Up
11. Dead Men Don’t Talk
12. Take It from da Top
13. Time to Die
14. Low Key
15. Shout Outs
16. Represent [The Grinch & Hill Remix]

Stick to the Script (2007)

Stick to the Script

01. Da Veteran
02. East Coast Overdose
03. Regrets
04. Mills Lane Freestyle
05. Take Off Ur Clothes
06. There Comes A Time
07. Ghetto Blues Feat. 2pac And Early B
08. Yes Yes Y’all
09. Mack Of Da Year
10. Back In Da Dayz Feat. Pudgee And Felicia Renee
11. All For A Reason Feat. DV Alias Khryst
12. 1 In Da Morning
13. Same Fight Different Round
14. Double Remi
15. No One Else Feat. Ava Marie
16. Fuck With I.U.
17. Everybody Wanna Be A ‘G’
18. Pay Day
19. Outro