The Fu-Schnickens were an American hip-hop trio consisting of Chip Fu, Moc Fu and Poc Fu.

Similar to Das EFX for their cartoonish lyrics and near-constant allusions to pop culture staples, and they were the first Hip Hop group ever in backwards rapping fashion. The Fu-Schnickens’ popularity was brief but significant in hip hop history…

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F.U. Don’t Take It Personal (1992)

fu dont take it personal

01. True Fuschnick
02. Movie Scene
03. Ring The Alarm
04. Back Off
05. Heavenly Father
06. La Schmoove
07. Props
08. Generals
09. Check It Out
10. Bebo

Nervous Breakdown (1994)

nervous breakdown

01. Breakdown
02. Sum Dum Munkey
03. Visions (20/20)
04. Watch Ya Back Door
05. Aaahh Ooohhh!
06. Sneakin’ Up On Ya
07. Got It Covered
08. Who Stole The Pebble
09. Hi Lo
10. What’s Up Doc? (Can We Rock) [K-Cut’s Fat Trac Remix]
11. Breakdown [Dunkafelic Remix]