Funkdoobiest is a Latin rap group from Los Angeles, California.

The original members are Son Doobie (Jason Vasquez), a Puerto Rican rapper, and DJ Ralph M (Ralph Medrano), a Chicano DJ, and Tomahawk Funk (Tyrone Pacheco) of the Lakota nation. He left after their second album due to the fact he became a family man. Their first two albums were mainly produced by Cypress Hill‘s DJ Muggs…

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Which Doobie U B? (1993)

Which Doobie U B

01. The Funkiest
02. Bow Wow Wow
03. Freak Mode
04. I’m Shittin’ on ‘Em
05. Who’s the Doobiest
06. Doobie to the Head
07. Where’s It At
08. Wopbabalubop
09. ‘Uh C’mon Yeah!
10. Here I Am
11. Funk’s on Me

Brothas Doobie (1995)

Brothas Doobie

01. This Is It (Interlude)
02. Rock On
03. What The Deal
04. Lost In Thought
05. Dedicated
06. Ka Sera Sera
07. Pussy Ain’t Shit
08. XXX Funk
09. It Ain’t Going Down
10. You’re Dummin’
11. Tomahawk Bang
12. Superhoes
13. Who Ra Ra

The Troubleshooters (1998)


01. Doobie Show
02. Papi Chulo
03. On the Premises
04. Crazy Puerto Rican
05. The Anthem
06. Alley
07. Oyé Papi!
08. Sunshine
09. Act on It
10. First Million
11. Natural Fun
12. Life’s a Gamble
13. Tribal Flutes
14. Five Deadly Indians
15. The Troubleshooters
16. Holdin’ It Down
17. I’m Feelin’ It
18. Doobie Knows (Have Some Fun)
19. Stretchin’
20. Papi Chulo