Freddie Foxxx a.k.a. Bumpy Knuckles

James Campbell, better known by his stage names Freddie Foxxx and Bumpy Knuckles, is an American rapper and music producer from Long Island, New York.

Foxxx got his start rapping in the early 1980s. In 1986, he recorded “You Gotta Come Out Fresh / Handling Things” under the alias Freddie C. as a member of the Supreme Force (other members were Cool Cee and Easy E) on NIA Records. Later in 1986 he was slated to meet with producer Eric B. who was searching for an MC to pair up with…

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Freddie Foxxx Is Here (1989)

freddie foxxx is here

01. The Master
02. Somebody Else Bumped Your Girl
03. The Ladies Jam
04. Forever
05. Stop, Look and Listen
06. Serious
07. Ain’t No Sunshine
08. Keep Doin’ It Like This
09. Busted
10. Make ‘Em Feel It
11. Freddie Foxxx Is Here
12. I’m Ready

Crazy Like A Foxxx (1994)

crazy like a fox

DISC 1 (Jailhouse Version 1994):
01. Can’t Break Away
02. Crazy Like a Foxxx (Ultra Magnetic DJS)
03. Interlude
04. So Tough
05. Daddy Boot Knock
06. Project Mice
07. Jail House Rock
08. Killa – 2Pac
09. Meet Some Skins
10. Interlude
11. Shotty in the Back
12. Interlude
13. Funk in Yo Brain
14. Step – Chuck D
15. Do What You Gotta Do
16. Pressure on the Brain
17. Rev. Glock Skit
18. Rev. Glock
19. Crazy Like a Foxxx [Alternate Mix]
20. Amen
DISC 2 (DITC Demo Version 1993):
01. Intro
02. Call of the Wild
03. Can’t Break Away
04. Click Click
05. 8 Bars to Catch a Body
06. Project Mice
07. Rev. Glock
08. Crazy Like a Foxxx
09. Man Destroys Man
10. Pressure on the Brain
11. Who Is the Middle Man
12. Cook a Niggaz Ass – Kool G Rap

Industry Shakedown (2000)

industry shakedown

01. Live @ The Roxy 2000
02. 24 Hrs.
03. Tell ‘Em I’m Here
04. Bambaataa & Bumpy Talk Industry
05. Inside Your Head
06. Who Knows Why
07. Searchin’ (feat. Terisa Griffin)
08. Never Bow Down
09. Industry Shakedown
10. MCs Come And MCs Go
11. Bumpy Bring It Home (feat. Billy Danz – M.O.P.)
12. Live In Tokyo with DJ Rukas
13. Bumpy Knuckles Baby
14. R.N.S.
15. Stock In The Game
16. Intelligent Thug – Bumpy’s Theory
17. Feel Like I Been Here
18. The Mastas (feat. M.O.P.)
19. Part of My Life
20. Live @ The Roxy – 2000 Outro