Figure Uv Speech

Well I have little information of Figure Uv Speech, but I do know that they were a group from Chicago and the members were King James, LTD & DJ Xtreme…

U Already Know (1993)

u already know

01. Intro One
02. Ready to Wreck
03. Girls Love the Jam
04. Next Contestant
05. Full Jig Move
06. Wick Wick Wack
07. Body Snatchers
08. Check It Out
09. Pass It on (Freestyle)
10. Intro Two (They’re Back)
11. Who Got the Vibe
12. Can We Kick It
13. Keep the Faith
14. What Is This
15. Hardcore Funk
16. Commercial
17. Anytime a Honey
18. Shout Outs [Dedication]