The Goats

The Goats were an alternative hip-hop quartet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Their members included rappers Oatie Kato (the frontman), Madd (“the M-A-the-double-D”), and Swayzack. Madd and Swayzack are Aboriginal Americans, and their concern with Aboriginal causes is reflected in their lyrics…

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Tricks Of The Shade (1992)

Tricks Of The Shade

01. We Got Freaks
02. Typical American
03. Hangerhead Is Born
04. Whatcha Got Is Whatcha Gettin’
05. Columbus’ Boat Ride
06. Ru Down Wit Da Goats
07. Cumin’ Is Ya Ear
08. Noriega’s Coke Stand
09. Got Kinda Hi
10. Unodostresquattro
11. George Bush Kids
12. Wrong Pot 2 Piss In
13. Hip-Hopola
14. Leonard Peltier In A Cage
15. ?Do The Digs Dug?
16. Carnival Cops
17. TV Cops
18. Tattooed Lady
19. Tricks Of The Shade
20. Not Not Bad
21. Rovie Wade, The Sword Swallower
22. Aaah D Yaaa
23. Drive-By Bumper Cars
24. Burn The Flag
25. Uncle Scam’s Shotting Gallery

No Goats, No Glory (1994)

No Goats No Glory

01. Wake ‘N’ Bake
02. Philly Blunts
03. Boom
04. Lincoln Drive
05. Butcher Countdown
06. Mutiny
07. Rumblefish
08. Blind With Anger
09. Revolution 94
10. Times Runnin Up
11. Idiot Business