X-Clan is a hip hop group from Brooklyn, New York, originally consisting of Grand Verbalizer Funkin’ Lesson Brother J, Professor X the Overseer, Paradise the Architect, and Sugar Shaft the Rhythm Provider.

The current incarnation of the group features leader Brother J, Master China, Kumu, “Ultraman” Ra Hanna, ACL, Lord Cza, DJ Fat Jack and Zulu…

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To The East Blackwards (1990)

To The East Blackwards

01. Funkin’ Lesson
02. Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It?
03. Tribal Jam
04. A Day Of Outrage, Operation Snatchback
05. Verbal Milk
06. Earth Bound
07. Shaft’s Big Score
08. Raise The Flag
09. Heed The Word Of The Brother
10. Verbs Of Power
11. In The Ways Of The Scales

Xodus: The New Testament (1992)


01. Foreplay
02. Cosmic Ark
03. A.D.A.M.
04. Xodus
05. F.T.P.
06. Fire & Earth (100% Natural)
07. Holy Rum Swig
08. Ooh Baby
09. Rhythem of God
10. Verbal Papp
11. Funk Liberation

Return from Mecca (2007)

Return From Mecca

01. Intro
02. Aragorn
03. VooDoo (RBX & Quazedelic)
04. Hovercraft Intro
05. Why You Doin That?
06. Weapon X
07. Speak the Truth (feat. KRS One)
08. Positrons
09. Mecca
10. Prison (feat. Christian Scott)
11. Atonement (feat. Jah Orah)
12. Brother Brother
13. Funky 4 U (feat. Chali 2na)
14. Self Destruct
15. Space People (feat. Quazedelic)
16. Trump Card (feat. Hannah Barbera)
17. To the East (feat. Abstract Rude and YZ)
18. Locomotion (feat. Brad X of the Kottonmouth Kings and Tri State of One Session)
19. Americans (feat. Jacoby Shadd of Papa Roach)
20. 3rd Eyes on Me
21. Culture United (feat. Damian Marley)
22. Respect (feat. Tech N9Ne)