The D.O.C.

Tracy Lynn Curry, primarily known by his stage name The D.O.C., is an American rapper from Dallas, Texas.

In addition to a solo career, he was a member of the hip hop group Fila Fresh Crew, and a creative force behind the gangsta rap group N.W.A, where he co-wrote many of their releases. He has also semi-frequently worked with Dr. Dre, who is one of the founders of NWA and produced two of his solo albums…

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No One Can Do It Better (1989)

No One Can Do It Better

01. It’s Funky Enough
02. Mind Blowin’
03. Lend Me An Ear
04. Comm. Blues
05. Let The Bass Go
06. Beautiful But Deadly
07. The D.O.C. & The Doctor
08. No One Can Do It Better
09. Whrilwind Pyramind
10. Comm. 2
11. The Formula
12. Portrait Of A Master Piece
13. The Grand Finale