MonoPoleJoe composed his first ever Mixtape called “Prefrontal Cortex Quest”, which is themed as an experiment project, leaving room for collaboration and creating content that is unconventionally purposeful.

“Prefrontal Cortex” takes you on an abstract journey of large scale understanding, embracing honesty, self-trust and skepticism based off of your regular everyday occurrences. This project encourages you to follow your heart and stay true to one’s self at all cost…

What’s The BPM Vol​.​1: Prefrontal Cortex Quest (2016)

Prefrontal Cortex Quest

01. Intro [prod. by SayJak]
02. Cap M, Cap P, Cap J = MonoPoleJoe [prod. by SayJak and Signature]
03. Lasik [prod. by Nobody Special]
04. First World Problems [prod. by SayJak]
05. Soar Throat [prod. by Wet Eyes]
06. We All Have 1 [prod. by Slam53]
07. SayJak’s Pineal Gland (Interlude)
08. Soap Shop (ft. Burg) [prod. by SayJak]
09. Cookie Broken [prod. by SayJak]
10. Now Wow Baw Chow (Cow) Now [prod. by SayJak]
11. Mad Scientist (ft. TUSHAWN! aka Loner God) [prod. by SayJak]
12. Ignorant, I mean, GENIUS as FUCK (Original Version) [prod. by SayJak]
13. Naughty Tabacco [prod. by SayJak]
14. Bullshit Today (ft. MicDos) [prod. by SayJak]
15. Staring Shame In The Face (Pawn Shop) [prod. by Bad Places]
16. Both Shoes On The Wrong Foot (ft. Otto Forkbeard) [prod. by SayJak]
17. Instasluts [prod. by SayJak]
18. Setting High [prod. by Wet Eyes]
19. Please Can We All Get Along (Ackronem and Kanu M) [prod. by SayJak]
20. Pin The Tail On The Donkey [prod. by Bad Places / SayJak / Ben Wade]
21. Keys To The Door Ahead (ft. YaBoyMars) [prod. by SayJak]
22. Don’t Forget About SayJak [prod. by SayJak]
23. Natural Rappage (ft. Ricky Roosevelt) [prod. by SayJak]
24. The Chair (ft. Signature, Reidy, TUSHAWN!, and BDaMan) [prod. by SayJak]
25. Bang Of This (Scrub Life) (ft. New Life) [prod. by SayJak]
26. Pedal Pockets (Leave Me Alone) [prod. by SayJak]
27. Lake Fantasia (Awe To Daniel Masson) [prod. by SayJak]
28. Outro [prod. by SayJak]