Mad Skillz

Shaquan Lewis, also known as Mad Skillz, Ryan M.D. or Skillz, is an American rapper known for his acclaimed 1995 album From Where???, a reference to his origins in Virginia, not the stereotypical New York City or Los Angeles rapper, and he’s also known for his yearly “Rap Ups”, which he has done since 2002…

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From Where??? (1996)

From Where

01. From Where??? [Intro]
02. It’s Goin’ Down
03. The Nod Factor
04. VA. In The House
05. Tongues Of The Next S**t
06. Doin’ Time In The Cypha
07. Tip Of The Tongue
08. Extra Abstract Skillz
09. Wmad [Interlude]
10. Get Your Groove On
11. The Jam
12. Move Ya Body
13. Street Rules
14. All In It
15. Unseen World
16. Inherit The World