Mad Lion

Dallion Preece, known as MAD LION was raised in Jamaica. Shortly after moving to the Bronx, New York, he met reggae performer Super Cat at Super Power Records. At Super Cat’s suggestion, he adopted his professional name, an acronym for Musical Assassin Delivering Lyrical Intelligence Over Nations.

MAD LION’s earliest success came in the mid-1980s when he applied his hip hop rhythms to Shabba Ranks’ hit single “Jam”. He later appeared, along with Queen Latifah, on Salt-N-Pepa’s 1997 album Brand New…

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Real Ting (1995)

Real Ting

01. Real Ting Intro
02. Double Trouble
03. See A Man Face
04. Nine On My Mind
05. Shoot To Kill
06. That’s All We Need
07. Own Destiny
08. Crazy
09. Big Box Of Blunts
10. Bad Luck
11. Real Ting
12. Real Lover
13. Body and Shape
14. Take It Easy
15. Play De Selection
16. Teaser
17. Baby Father
18. Stop Dat Shit

Ghetto Gold & Platinum Respect (1997)

Ghetto Gold Platinum Respect

01. Live in Brooklyn
02. New York
03. I Don’t Want You
04. Carpenter
05. Oh Lord
06. You Got It Coming
07. Hip Hoppers
08. Mad Contacts
09. Hardcore
10. Mr. Sexability
11. Take Your Time
12. Can’t Take Mine

Predatah or Prey (2000)

Predatah Or Prey

01. Bring It If You Want It
02. My Way
03. Battle Kat Anthem
04. Pryme Tyme Prey
05. Weed Is All We Need
06. Ghetto Fabulous
07. What You Thinking!?
08. Territory
09. Rule da World
10. Thrill Ada Hunt
11. Sensamillion
12. Platinumize
13. Give It to Me
14. Yeah Yo
15. Self Help
16. Go to War
17. Flossing With Your Crew