Mad Kap

Mad Kap is an underground hip hop trio consisting of Coke, Motif and Dr. Soose (who plays the trumpet on a few tracks). The beats are produced by Broadway, a favored producer of the famous King Tee, who along with Tha Alkaholiks make appearances on this album…

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Look Ma Duke, No Hands (1993)

look ma duke no hands

01. (Da Bud Zone) Here Comes the Break
02. Da Whole Kit and Kaboodle
03. Irrelevant (Dickie’s Emporium)
04. When It Rains It Pours/Cheeba²
05. Check It Out/Oh Ph*ck Me Right? – King Tee, MadKap,
06. (Oh Ph*ck Me Right?) Ph*ck What Ya Heard
07. (Thoughts on the Indoe from Joe)/Proof Is in the Puddin’/ (Excuse …)
08. Beddie-Bye
09. Dopest Verse