Kurious is of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent and grew up in Spanish Harlem.

He debuted in 1991 on Powerule’s “Young Stars from Nowhere”. He then appeared on Pete Nice and Daddy Rich‘s album Dust to Dust. The duo helped Kurious get a record deal with Columbia Records via Bobbito’s Hoppoh imprint…

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A Constipated Monkey (1994)

Constipated Monkey

01. Spell It With a J (Yes, Yes Jorge)
02. Top Notch
03. I’m Kurious
04. Uptown Sh_t
05. Leave Ya With This
06. Fresh Out the Box
07. Walk Like a Duck
08. Tear Sh_t Up
09. Baby Bust It
10. Nikole
11. What’s the Real
12. Jorge Of the Projects