Chino XL

Derek Keith Barbosa, known as Chino XL, is an American Hip Hop lyricist, battle rapper, and actor. He was born to a Puerto Rican father and an African mother. The nephew of Bernie Worrell of Parliament/Funkadelic.

Chino is known for his technically accomplished style, consisting of self-consciously over-the-top punchlines, exaggerated egotism, and use of multiple similes, puns, metaphors, and wordplay. He is a member of the intellectual collective MENSA and has collaborated on various projects with some of the most well known names in Hip Hop…

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Here To Save You All (1996)

Here To Save You All

01. Here To Save You All
02. Deliver
03. No Complex
04. Partner To Swing
05. It’s All Bad
06. Freestyle Rhymes
07. Riiiot! feat Ras Kass
08. Waiting To Exhale feat Gravitation
09. What Am I?
10. Feelin’ Evil Again
11. Thousands
12. Kreep
13. Many Different Ways
14. The Shabba-Doo Conspiracy feat Kool Keith
15. Ghetto Vampire
16. Rise

I Told You So (2001)

I Told You So

01. Rude Awakening
02. What You Got
03. History
04. Nunca
05. That Would Be Me
06. Last Laugh
07. Let ‘Em Live
08. Water
09. Baby Momma
10. Sorry
11. Chino XL
12. Chinophone, Pt. 1
13. You Don’t Want It
14. Beef
15. Chinophone, Pt. 2
16. I Told You So
17. Don’t Say a Word
18. Chino Fans
19. It’s My World
20. Ass-In-An-Instant
21. Chianardo Di Caprio
22. Be Here

Poison Pen (2006)

Poison Pen

01. Intro
02. Poison Pen
03. Even If It Kills Me
04. Messiah
05. Wordsmith Intro
06. Wordsmith
07. Beastin feat Killah Priest
08. Skin
09. Don’t Fail Me Now feat The Beatnuts
10. Our Time feat Proof
11. B-Boy Intro
12. B-Boy/Gangsta
13. Talk To You
14. What You Lookin’ At
15. Can’t Change Me Intro
16. Can’t Change Me
17. All I Wanna Do… (Bout Nuthin’)