Da Nayborhoodz

Well, this one is a very rare release from an Illinois crew, Da Nayborhoodz. If you find one in any store, it might will cost more than 100 bucks… Dont know much about them, but they made a great work with this LP, so grab it!

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Afta Dark… Illa than Expected (1995)

Afta Dark

01. Intro
02. Good Mourning
03. Only da Strong Survive
04. Makin’ Moves
05. Roll Wit da Pack
06. Contract Hit
07. It Takes More
08. Illa Than Expected
09. Cops Come Around
10. Afta Dark
11. Seein Iz Believing
12. Lead to da Head
13. How We Do It
14. Bad Boy Ya Come
15. Down 2 Take a Risk? (Featuring Double Jep)
16. Nayborhood Man
17. Payback (Featuring Double Jep)