Odd Squad

The Odd Squad is a southern hip-hop group consisting of Devin the Dude, Jugg Mugg, and Rob Quest.

Their first and only album, “Fadanuf Fa Erybody” was released in 1994 on Rap-A-Lot Records. The album was considered by Scarface to be the label’s finest release. Having been out of print for many years, Fadanuf Fa Erybody is heavily sought after by fans…

Fadanuf Fa Erybody (1994)

Fadanuf Fa Erybody

01. Intro Ta Oddness
02. Da Squad
03. Hoes Wit Babies
04. Trip Tip
05. Here to Say a Lil’ Somethin’
06. Rev. Puff
07. Smokin’ Dat Weed
08. Put Cha Lips
09. Jazz Rendition
10. Swisseredot
11. Coughee
12. Fa Sho’
13. I Can’t See It
14. S Pit
15. Your P ‘s Like Dope
16. Came Na Gedown
17. Long Time Comin’