Mykill Miers

Mykill Miers, who hails from Cali, is one of those unassumming cats who folks tend to underestimate.

He’s not fancy, doesn’t have some outlandish persona and he isn’t very controversial. However, once a mic is in his hand, he lays fools out left and right…

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It’s Been A Long Time Coming (2000)

Its Been a Long Time Coming

01. Intro
02. Doin’ My Thing
03. Do the Math (Feat. Iriscience)
04. Triggernometry
05. Straight Dirt (Feat. AG & GD)
06. Rock the Mic
07. The Illest
08. Cut Throat (Feat. Born Allah & E-Rule)
09. Killing Spree
10. Wanna Be an Mc? (Feat. Freddie Foxxx)
11. Who Am I?
12. Everyday Ritual (Feat. Planet Asia)
13. Immaculate (Feat. Dikshen & Diverse)
14. Don’t Test
15. Best Friends Become Strangers
16. Bigga Brother
17. It’s Been a Long Time Coming

The Second Coming (2001)

Second Coming

01. Intro
02. The Second Coming
03. Killing Spree The Sequel
04. Raw Shit
05. The Flow
06. U Know The Name
07. 1 For The Treble…
08. Die From This
09. Dowhatyougottado
10. Can’t Take It No More
11. Something To Prove
12. Crazy (Chic)
13. Get It Right!
14. Gone Too Far
15. The Bash Brothers (feat. Born Allah)
16. Payback