Cali Agents

The Cali Agents are a rap group consisting of California rappers, Rasco and Planet Asia.

The group released their debut album, How the West Was One, which featured the single “Good Life”. The group then released the albums Head of the State, and Fire & Ice…

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How the West Was One (2000)

How West Was One

01. Intro: Behind Closed Doors
02. How The West Was One
03. Cali Agents: The Anthem
04. Crash The Boards
05. Up Close and Personal
06. Neva Forget
07. Interlude
08. This Is My Life
09. Faces Of Death
10. The Good Life
11. Just When You Thought It Was Safe
12. Talking Smack
13. Real Talk
14. F**k What You Heard
15. Outro

Head of the State (2004)

Head State

01. Intro
02. Sharp
03. Cali Nights
04. In the Zone
05. Rewrap
06. Go Ladies
07. Banger
08. Head of the State
09. Endless

Fire & Ice (2006)

Fire and Ice

01. Intro
02. Fire & Ice
03. The Science
04. Baby Girl
05. Get That Money feat. Turbin
06. Interlude
07. Something New
08. BreakADawn
09. What It Is feat. Concise Kilgore
10. Hott Ass Summer
11. Interlude
12. Bang
13. Microphone Madness
14. More Of The Same
15. Duck Down