Wee Bee Foolish

Wee Bee Foolish are an alternative hip hop group, its members are Ken Boogaloo, Yesh (aka Yeshua dapoED), DJ Bless, & Xtraordinaire. All four members hail from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn in New York.

All of their releases have been on the Head Bop music label. They have cited other New York artists such as the Native Tongues Posse, Boogie Down Productions and Juice Crew as influences.

To date they have released one album, 2002’s Brighton Beach Memoirs as well as a number of singles. However all four members have released their own solo material as well as having collaborated with various other artists like The Sound Providers, Aesop Rock, Siah, Pumpkinhead and Ace Lover.

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Brighton Beach Memoirs (2002)

Brighton Beach Memoirs

01. Intro
02. Whatcha Need
03. Energy
04. Triplets
05. Don’t You Cry
06. Funk Keeps B
07. This Kid
08. Envelope Pusherz
09. Breeze
10. PimpFloMein
11. Chedda Chasers
12. Midtro
13. Turn It Out
14. The Main Attraction
15. Remember
16. Properly Done
17. La Calle
18. It’s Only Right