The Verbal Surgeon

The Verbal Surgeon is an emcee from Massachusetts, United States.

He has a positive, conscious delivery, letting the listener know his thougths and feelings.

You can get his releases for free below!

Rhyme Related (2012)

Rhyme Related

01. The Good Vibe
02. Day Off
03. Nitty Gritty
04. Bitches
05. Thankful
06. The Bad Vibe
07. Smoke Music

The Science of Tactics (2013)

Science of Tactics

01. Dutches (prod. Loop Holes)
02. Fever Freestyle (prod. Loop Holes)
03. Float On ft. Inkorrect (prod. Soulkit)
04. From the Soul (prod. Loop Holes)
05. How I Feel (prod. Loop Holes)
06. Bully Raps ft. Hassaan Mackey (prod. Hassaan Mackey)
07. Drunken Bars
08. Love Letters to Anonymous pt. 1 (prod. Jusoul)
09. Trapped (prod. Concept)
10. Resentment (prod. Jayyeah)
11. Don’t Come Around Here (prod. T.O.)
12. Smooth Damage ft. Portrey Youth (prod. Space Gang)
13. Let Me Do What I Wanna Do To Ya (prod. Jusoul)
14. Godzilla Bankrolls ft. Vorheez (prod. Space Gang)
15. Discontent
16. Warfare ft. Vorheez (self produced)
17. Stop, Drop, Rock & Roll ft. Tugboat (prod. Myke Forte)
18. Still Underground ft. Tugboat (prod. Mr.Green)
19. Trouble’s Web (prod. Loop Holes)
20. What’s Love (prod. J Dilla)
21. The Odyssey (prod. Mondee)