Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling (Young Einstein, Dizzy Dustin and Andy Cooper) began in Long Beach, California in 1993.

They released 6 albums, embarked on countless tours, and developed a worldwide fanbase. In 2003 they even squeaked into the UK and German charts with their song A Little Samba. Labels have come and gone but fan support has remained solid. Ugly Duckling’s music has always been of the highest quality and their live show is a large part of their identity.

Ugly Duckling’s musical sound is a combination of late 80’s/early 90’s hip hop, funk, soul, and jazz with plenty of humor and high-spirited skillfulness from both lyricists and DJ. Audiences and critics have agreed over the years that Ugly Duckling’s brand of hip hop is unique and authentic while the stage show is always fun, exciting, and super tight. Comparable to groups like Jurassic 5, Pharcyde, and A Tribe Called Quest, the band knows how to make listeners feel good and has kept their musical authenticity throughout the years, avoiding the pitfalls and embarrassment of pop star ambition…

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Fresh Mode EP (1999)

Fresh Mode

01. Fresh Mode
02. Now Who’s Laughin’
03. Get On This
04. Einstein’s Takin’ Off
05. Everybody C’mon
06. Do You Know What I’m Sayin’
07. Everything’s Alright
08. We’re Here

Journey to Anywhere (2001)

Journey to Anywhere

01. Introduckling
02. I Did It Like This
03. Journey To Anywhere
04. Friday Night
05. A Little Samba
06. The Pike
07. If You Wanna Know
08. Eye On The Gold Chain/The Piano Bar
09. Pick-Up Lines
10. Rock On Top/By Your Command
11. Oasis
12. Dizzy/Ugly What?
13. Down The Road
14. Lay It On Ya

Taste the Secret (2003)

Taste the Secret

01. Opening Act
02. Turn It Up
03. Meatshake
04. Dumb It Down
05. Abigail Silk
06. Energy Drink
07. The Drive-Thru
08. Mr. Tough Guy
09. Pass It On
10. La Revolucion
11. Potty-Mouth
12. Daisy
13. The Confrontation
14. Rio De Janeiro
15. I Wanna Go Home
16. Goodnight Now

The Leftovers EP (2003)


01. Get Ready
02. Something’s Going Down Tonight Feat. Grand Puba
03. Almond Rocha
04. Celebrity
05. Ring The Bell
06. Einstein’s Brazilian Travelogue
07. Elevator Music
08. Little Samba (The Forbidden Mix)
09. Aligator Suflet
10. Pick-Up Lines 2
11. “Drivethru”

Bang for the Buck (2006)

Bang for the Buck

01. Bang For The Buck
02. Yudee!
03. The Breakdown
04. Left Behind
05. Smack
06. Einstein’s On Stage
07. Let It Out
08. Lower The Boom
09. Andy vs. Dizzy
10. Slow The Flow
11. Shoot Your Shot
12. The End Of Time

Audacity (2009)


01. I Won’t Let It Die
02. The Takedown
03. Audacity (Parts 1 & 2)
04. Falling Again
05. It’s Gone
06. It Want To Believe
07. Einstein Do It
08. The Lonely Ones
09. Pay Or Quit
10. Right Now
11. It Never Mattered
12. Oh Yeah

Moving at Breakneck Speed (2011)

Moving at Breakneck Speed

01. Keep Movin’
02. Momentum
03. $100 Weekend
04. Elevation
05. I Wonder Where She Is Now
06. One Horse Town
07. Anything Can Happen (in the Big City)
08. How It Used to Be
09. Einstein Buys a Monkey
10. Run for the Light
11. Sprint!
12. Homecoming
13. the Breakneck Theme
14. Endless Summer