Terror Squad

Terror Squad was a hip hop collective that was first established in 1998.

Based in The Bronx borough of New York City, the members of Terror Squad collectively debuted on a song in member Fat Joe‘s album Don Cartagena.

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The Album (2000)


01. In for Life
02. Pass the Glock
03. ’99 Live
04. Whatcha Gon Do?
05. Triple Threat
06. War
07. Bring It On
08. As the World Turns
09. Gimme Dat
10. Feelin’ This
11. All Around the World
12. Tell Me What U Want
13. Rudeboy Salute
14. My Kinda Girls
15. Payin’ Dues
16. Www.thatsmysh-t.com

True Story (2004)

True Story

01. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me
02. Yeah Yeah Yeah
03. Hum Drum
04. Lean Back
05. Take Me Home
06. Streets of NY
07. Bring’em Back
08. Yes Dem to Def
09. Pass Away
10. Let Them Things Go
11. Thunder in the Air
12. Terror Era