Sublime Wizardry

Sublime Wizardry is a Brighton, UK based Hip Hop trio formed in 2007. The Remarkable 1 and The One Native Son are on the mic, and Merlin (a former graffiti writer from Hamburg) on the beats.

They have that positive approach to Hip Hop music, which reminds me the old school vibes and that is relatively rare nowadays.

They also welcomed Public Enemy and KRS-ONE to Brighton.

Do them a favor and give them a listen! I recommend them to B-Boys & B-Girls as well, because some of their tracks have that fast pace flow, which makes them breakable!


.​.​.​Sublime As Always (2011)

Sublime As Always

01. Can She Be Heard
02. Tired Of The Negative
03. Ironball Throwdown
04. Could This Be It
05. Subliminal Criminal
06. All Day Sucker
07. Just Us
08. Whats Your Poison
09. Laws Of Attraction
10. Construct Or Destroy
11. The Tractor
12. Sublime As Always
13. Percussive Kung-Fu
14. Deadly Nightshade
15. Your Land
16. End Of The Rainbow

Heavyweight (2012)


01. Area 51
02. Neighbours From Hell
03. A Sick Man
04. When The Chaos Comes feat. MC Iceski
05. Rage To Survive
06. Capital C.U.N.T
07. A Child Is Born feat. Websta & Cutloose
08. Mr Ego`s Show
09. Rollcall
10. MC2
11. Jokes On You
12. Survival Of The Hippest
13. Whats Your Poison