Stetsasonic was an American hip hop group formed in 1981 in Brooklyn, New York. It is remembered as one of the first hip-hop crews to use a live band, and their positive, uplifting lyrics have made the group forerunners of alternative hip hop and jazz hip-hop…

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On Fire (1986)

On Fire

01. 4 Ever My Beat
02. My Rhyme
03. Just Say Stet
04. Faye
05. 4 Ever My Mouth
06. Rock de la Stet
07. Go Stetsa
08. On Fire
09. Bust That Groove
10. Paul’s Groove

In Full Gear (1988)

In Full Gear

01. In Full Gear
02. DBC Let the Music Play
03. Freedom or Death
04. Float On
05. Stet Troop ’88!
06. Pen and Paper
07. Music for the Stetfully Insane
08. We’re the Band
09. Rollin’ Wit Rush
10. This Is It, Ya’ll (Go Stetsa II)
11. Sally – Stetsasonic, Stetsasonic
12. Talkin’ All That Jazz – Stetsasonic, Daddy O
13. It’s in My Song
14. The Odad
15. Miami Bass
16. Showtime

Blood, Sweat & No Tears (1991)

Blood Sweat No Tears

01. The Hip Hop Band – Simmons, Bobby
02. No B.S. Allowed
03. Uda Man
04. Speaking of a Girl Named Suzy
05. Gyrlz
06. Blood, Sweat and No Tears
07. So Let the Fun Begin
08. Go Brooklyn 3
09. Walkin’ in the Rain
10. Don’t Let Your Mouth Write a Check That Your Ass Can’t Cash
11. Ghetto Is the World
12. Your Mother Has Green Teeth – Huston, Paul
13. You Still Smokin’ That Shit?
14. Heaven Help the M.F.’s
15. Took Place in East New York
16. Paul’s a Sucker – Simmons, Bobby
17. Free South Africa – Bolton, Gary