SPNDA x EvillDewer

SPNDA is a rapper from Boston. He describes his relationship to writing and music as an ongoing process of trying to figure out how to harness his thoughts and emotions.

Originally A. Spendacash took his name from a line he created about his poor money management but as he developed as a lyricist he took the moniker SPNDA, explaining simply that he is now the SPNDA because of his progression as an artist, and his ability to make you pay attention… so pay attention!

The Jeffrey (2013)


01. The Ascension (Intro)
02. Wrong Dewings
03. The Jeffrey
04. Bang em’ in the Head
05. Cloud 10 (Interlude)
06. The Shut Down
07. Maybe
08. No Return (Interlude)
09. The Disposal
10. The Trip (Interlude)
11. Nebraska / The Departure (Outro)
12. Munchies (Prelude)
13. Kit Kat (Bonus Track)