Special Ed

Special Ed is the performing name of Edward Archer, an American underground hip hop musician of Jamaican descent. Hailing from Brooklyn in New York City, he is identified with east coast hip hop.

In his own right, Special Ed is probably best known for the songs “I Got It Made” and “I’m The Magnificent”, produced by Hitman Howie Tee and released in 1989 on the Youngest in Charge album when Ed was just 16…

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Youngest in Charge (1989)

Youngest In Charge

01. Taxing
02. I Got It Made
03. I’m The Magnificent
04. Club Scene
05. Hoedown
06. Think About It
07. Ak-Shun
08. Monster Jam
09. The Bush
10. Fly M.C.
11. Heds And Dreds
12. I Got It Made (Businesslike Version)

Legal (1990)


01. Come On, Let’s Move It
02. The Mission
03. Ya Not So Hot
04. I’m The Magnificent (The Magnificent Remix)
05. I’m Special Ed
06. Ya Wish Ya Could
07. Ready 2 Attack
08. 5 Men And A Mic
09. Livin’ Like A Star
10. See It Ya

Revelations (1995)


01. Lyrics
02. Neva Go Back
03. Rough 2 The Endin’
04. Walk The Walk
05. It’s Only Gettin’ Worse
06. Just A Killa
07. Rukus
08. Freaky Flow
09. Won’t Be Long
10. Crazy
11. Here I Go Again
12. Just Like Dat
13. Everyday Iza Gunshot
14. We Rule