Senz Beats

Senz Beats is a Belgian beat maker who recently relocated to Montreal and just dropped a new beat-tape with a 24min video-collage for free download.

He mainly works on the MPC 1000 + 2000XL. He released a 5-track EP earlier this year entitled ‘Tilting at Windmills‘ which is available on his Bandcamp page. It features rappers Subtitle, Megabusive, Barfly & Hazard.

Tilting at Windmills (2013)

Tilting at Windmills

01. Beautiful Life (ft. Megabusive)
02. Raw Forces (ft. Subtitle)
03. After the Storm (ft. Subtitle)
04. No Heroes (ft. Megabusive)
05. Automatic (ft. Barfly & Hazard)

Veil Nebula Beats (2013)

Veil Nebula Beats

01. Change the (Space) Station
02. Lift Off
03. Stellar Block Party
04. Piano Shuttle
05. Space Float
06. Cruise Control
07. Hyperdrive Sequence
08. Searching for Planets
09. The Knopfler Effect
10. Inter-Galactic Organ
11. Alien Food
12. March of the Extra-Terrestrials
13. Black Hole Disaster
14. Planet Debris
15. Saturn’s Rattle
16. Race Against Light
17. Mean Streets of Mars
18. Orion Funk
19. Red Dwarf
20. Galaxy Porn
21. Orbital Guitar