Psycho Realm

The Psycho Realm is an American hip hop group started in 1989 by brothers Sick Jacken and Big Duke from the Downtown, Pico-Union area of Los Angeles.

The first recorded Psycho Realm song, “Scandalous”, was released on the soundtrack of the film Mi Vida Loca in 1994. That same year B-Real of the rap group Cypress Hill saw Psycho Realm performing at Olvera Street for an End Barrio Warfare concert. Their performance inspired B-Real to the point that he wanted to join the group.

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The Psycho Realm (1997)

The Psycho Realm 1997

01. Psycho City Blocks
02. Showdown
03. The Big Payback
04. Premonitions
05. Stone Garden
06. Temporary Insanity
07. Doors Intro / Confrssions of a Drug Addict
08. Who Are You / Bullets
09. Love Letters / Love from the Sick Side
10. R.U. Experienced
11. Psyclones
12. Lost Cities
13. La Conecta, Pt. 1
14. La Conecta, Pt. 2 / Goin’ in Circles

Unreleased (1998)

unreleased 1998

01. All Along the Watchtower
02. Forget the Faces
03. False Prophets
04. Needful Things

A War Story Book I (1999)

A War Story Book I 1999

01. The Crazy Area
02. Order Through Chaos
03. Pico-Union District
04. Enemy of the State
05. Conspiracy Theories
06. Tragedy.Com
07. Earthquake Weather
08. The Wind of Revolution
09. Moving Through Streets
10. Street Platoons
11. Sick Dogs
12. Show of Force

A War Story Book II (2003)

A War Story Book II 2003

01. Street Terrorism
02. The Enemy Strikes Back
03. Wasted
04. The Killing Field
05. Art of Execution
06. Palace of Exile
07. First Day of Freedom
08. Poison Rituals
09. Unknown Soldier
10. Soul Sacrifice
11. Dysfunctional
12. Good Times
13. Lifestyle
14. Concrete Jungles
15. Gun Control